Personal Training in Shanghai, China.

If you're in Shanghai, or can get there at least once, I'd love to work with you in-person.

Hi, I’m Erwin Regidor. I founded ALFA Coaching to help busy men and women lose weight, build muscle, and get strong without giving up their social life… and we all know what that can look like in Shanghai. As a health and performance coach, I specialize in helping my clients lose weight so they can feel confident, build muscle and get strong so they can feel like they did in their twenties. You will regain energy and become more productive You'll build habits and structure so you use fitness to enjoy life more. Best of all, you’ll become self-sufficient and be fit for a lifetime. If you’re a high performer in Shanghai, you know how stressful your schedule can be. You might even think:

“There’s no way I have time for exercise.”

You Might Think That, But You Would Be Wrong.

In over ten years of personal training and group coaching I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve things they thought they could never do. You’ll achieve peak performance at your sport, at work, and in your personal life. Everything is handcrafted and custom made, just for you.

You’ll manage stress, sleep, move every day, and eat right. I know it’s easier said than done. I’ll guide you through it. I’ve been in Shanghai for over 7 years. I know what it can be like. The feeling of never enough time. There’s late nights at work and then the bar afterwards. Knowing where to start is hard. Let me help you find what’s right and works for you.

Who I Am And Why I Can Help.

I’m a lot like you. You see, my own life hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Despite burning the candle at both ends, my career in banking didn't work out. And I ended up NOT becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

I played sports in high school and even had a stint competing in bodybuilding in college, all while chugging beers and doing shots with my frat bros. I eventually started adulting, but in the process of trying to become successful, I let the stress of work take over. I still tried to work out, but neglected the basics. I thought I could have it all and tried to diet like I did in college for my competitions.

Reality check time. It was not sustainable.

I tried working out like I used to and tossing my body into the competitive world of CrossFit to try to relive that fire of competitiveness that I used to have. I ended up needing three surgeries along the way from breaking down my body. I thought I could band aid the problem by combining the stress of over training and unsustainable dieting. It didn’t work. I couldn’t get back to my former self. I couldn’t get back to that physique I used to have. I couldn’t get back the same energy I had. I got depressed thinking about the person I used to be and the person I became. I wasn’t confident and I was tired. I thought I was smart. I thought I knew what to do. I’d worked my ass off in the gym in the past. And yet, I was struggling and unsure what to do next.

So, I got help. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone to help guide me. So I did what everyone should do: hired a coach. Then I travelled the world. I learned from the best coaches in the business, managed a gym, and picked up many credentials and certifications. Now I’m paying it forward by helping busy men and women like you lose fat, build muscle, and regain the energy and athletic physique and performance they once had. I want to be for you what Yoda was to Luke Skywalker. I want to be your guide.


Everything you need to know, before beginning your journey with ALFA Coaching.

1. What does the program design involve?

ALFA Coaching designs individual training programs for clients. This involves an initial consultation, baseline assessment, regular online check-ins, nutrition coaching, progress monitoring, and creation of a plan built around your training experience, priorities, goals and assessment findings. The ALFA program is structured around sound principles of resistance training and aerobic development. Plans are designed to reach your ultimate goal and will take no longer than 1 hour on training days for one-to-one clients. Online clients have the flexibility of organizing their own time and workout schedule.

2. Where are one-to-one training sessions held?

ALFA Coaching operates from Stud CrossFit at 430 Xujiahui Road.

3. Can you give me a sample workout so I know whether this is suitable for me?

All plans are custom built to you as an individual. In our initial consultation, we will ascertain your needs and goals. The training regime is completely dependent on your current level fitness and the fitness level you aspire to be at.

4. Can I complete my workouts at my gym or home?

Yes! The beauty of the training plan is that you have access to it wherever you are, whenever you want to train. No excuses!

5. Is there a time commitment involved?

We love progress and happy clients. Therefore, there is a 180-day commitment for online coaching and a minimum 15 session commitment for in-person one-to-one clients. Your program is designed by world-class coaches. Our single focus is to inspire confidence and self-empowerment through fitness ideologies. We give you the tools to succeed. At ALFA Coaching, we cultivate energy through lasting relationships. We champion honesty, integrity and new ways of thinking to help clients reach their full potential.

6. What are my next steps?

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