Transform Your Body And Optimize Your Life By Losing Fat and Adding Muscle.

Get out of pain and supercharge your energy to win at the game of life. Ditch the Dad Bod and feel like an athlete again while still enjoying beers and burgers with your buddies.

Something’s wrong. You look at the mirror and see droopy eyes and a belly. You’re not the athletic specimen you used to be. It’s your worst nightmare come true. You now have what you used to make fun of in others: The dreaded “Dad Bod.” WTF! You wonder what the hell happened. You used to dominate on the basketball court and playing field. You could post up and push people around like Shaquille O’Neal. You could truck anyone in your way Beast Quaking your way up and down the field like Marshawn Lynch.

And that’s not all. You used to stay at the bar until last call chugging beers and downing shots with your buddies.

Those were the glory days. But that was then. And this is now.

Something happened: You grew up.

You started adulting. You put on that suit and tie. You started dominating at business just like you did on the court and on the field back in the day. Somewhere along the way you got married and had kids. But something’s missing. You got to the top of your game at work, but you wake up every day feeling beat up. You still like to go hard, but your muscles and joints hurt from your head down to your toes. You don’t recover like you used to.

Does That Sound Familiar? The Good News Is Help Is On The Way.

DQ is a busy Sales Executive traveling weekly all over Asia Pacific and globally. He’s a former athlete and loves playing basketball and spending time with his wife and two daughters. This dude loves to workout doing CrossFit 5-6 times a week because he loves the competitive nature of it. However, despite training, he wasn’t making the performance improvements he wanted. He couldn’t get that athletic physique he was looking for.


“Prior to working with Erwin, I was training hard but my performance was not improving as I was not able to keep consistent programming and techniques due to my work/travel schedule. The most important gains of the training have been getting deeper understanding and self-awareness on the effects of training, rest, nutrition so that you become an expert in your own personal training. The results on performance follows from that and stays for the long run. I would recommend Erwin to anyone who wants to achieve the next level not only in performance but also gain a deeper personal understanding of fitness so that they can continue to improve no matter what kind of work or lifestyle.”

My Name Is Erwin Regidor And I’m A Lot Like You

I’m Erwin Regidor and I’m a Health and Performance Coach. I know all about helping high achievers like you who sometimes feel a bit lost.

You see, my own life hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Despite burning the candle at both ends, my career in banking didn't work out. And I ended up NOT becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

I played sports in high school and even had a stint competing in bodybuilding in college, all while chugging beers and doing shots with my frat bros. I eventually started adulting, but in the process of trying to become successful, I let the stress of work take over.

I still tried to work out, but neglected the basics. I thought I could have it all and tried to diet like I did in college for my competitions.


Reality check time. It was not sustainable.

I tried working out like I used to and tossing my body into the competitive world of CrossFit to try to relive that fire of competitiveness that I used to have. I ended up needing three surgeries along the way from breaking down my body. I thought I could band aid the problem by combining the stress of over training and unsustainable dieting. It didn’t work.

I couldn’t get back to my former self. I couldn’t get back to that physique I used to have. I couldn’t get back the same energy I had. I got depressed thinking about the person I used to be and the person I became. I wasn’t confident and I was tired.

I did what everyone should do in this situation: hired a coach.

I thought I was smart. I thought I knew what to do. I’d worked my ass off in the gym in the past. And yet, I was struggling and unsure what to do next. So, I got help. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone to help guide me. Then I travelled the world. I learned from the best coaches in the business, managed a gym, and picked up many credentials and certifications.


Now I’m paying it forward by helping busy men and women like you lose fat, build muscle, and regain the energy and athletic physique and performance they once had. I want to be for you what Yoda was to Luke Skywalker. I want to be your guide, just as I guided Derek.


“I was in a rut: working out at home, repeating the few monotonous workout techniques that I was comfortable with. Working hard, not smart. Erwin gave me a whole new perspective on what working out could be, how it could feel and how effective I could be with my time. ALFA Coaching provides intelligence across a spectrum of interrelated human performance elements: strength, cardio, nutrition, sleep, recovery, goal-setting and beyond. I would highly recommend ALFA to ANYONE. The approach is holistic and tailored to you. It is constantly adjusted to meet your changing needs and busy life.”

ALFA Pillar #1:
You Need To Work Out The Right Way.

Forget about doing the same workouts you did in high school or college. Even worse are random workouts you stumble across on Instagram or the internet. You need a customized program handcrafted for you that doesn’t make you a slave to the gym. We’ll make the most of the time you have available, and include home and travel workouts. Since we’ll be working online, everything will be done on your schedule...not mine. Your customized training plan will be available at your fingertips through a customized training app so you can pull it up on your phone. Included are customized workouts that cater to your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll lose fat, build muscle, and get stronger all while working around previous injuries, aches or pains. The app also has:

  • A data log and calendar so you can enter workout results, look up previous workouts, and see how you’re progressing week to week and month to month.

  • Exercise video demos so you know what movements you’re doing and how to execute them properly, safely, and with good technique.

  • Video feedback so you can get coaching on what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

  • Messenger so you can check in with me, ask questions, update availability, or ask for adjustments.

ALFA Pillar #2:
You Need A Customized Nutrition Plan.

There is no perfect diet or way of eating. Your custom nutrition plan will provide you with the knowledge and the habits to create and keep the body and energy you want for life. You won’t have a plan that restricts you from the joys of life or from social events with your family and friends. It will be flexible and more importantly sustainable, so you can enjoy date night with your significant other or pizza and beers while watching the game with your buddies. You’ll learn the skills to develop sustainable eating habits like food tracking since food quantity matters. But so does food quality. You’ll learn how to make the right choices.

ALFA Pillar #3:
You Need Expert Accountability and Guidance.

Whether you're traveling for work, training from home, or having a tough time, I’ll be there for you along the journey.

You’ll have step by step guidance to cut through the bullshit and information overload.

You’ll have access to me via your customized app for any questions or changes to your schedule.

You’ll have a 45 minute monthly Skype or video call to talk about what’s currently happening in your life, how the training is going, any challenges you want to address or any changes to your goals or new goals you want to pursue.

You’ll have a weekly reflection check-in to make sure that sleep, nutrition, and recovery are all aligned with what you say you want to do and achieve. You’ll review your wins, lessons learned, and review your goals and progress to make sure you’re spending time on the right things and what you can do to improve week to week and how I can better help support you in that.

ALFA Pillar #4:
You Need Consistency To Put It All Together.

You are where you are now professionally because of consistency in your pursuit of your success. Apply the same principle to nutrition and fitness so you can live up to your full potential. Then use your success in the gym as a force multiplier to fuel even more success in life. Recognize that you won't always achieve perfection. Focus on improving a little at a time so you can create the small habits to lead to success. Avoid the mistake of having an all or nothing approach. Do the basics consistently well so you can get the results you want and DESERVE. Become self-sufficient so you can have the physique and fitness that stays with you for a lifetime. I’ll coach you along the way to building a better, happier, and more confident you. You’ll lose fat, build muscle, get strong, perform at peak athleticism no matter where you are with the support of expert experience and someone who’s been where you are.

Imagine This


living up to your full potential.


being the leader and example you want to be at home and work.


having the energy to be there for your family.


having the energy and strength to run a full basketball game with your kids.


turning back the hands of time and recovering like you did in your twenties.


waking up in the morning and feeling like you don’t need coffee to start the day.


looking in the mirror and flexing because damn you know you look and feel good.


your significant other not being able to keep their hands off you.


the people who look up to you because you took control of your own health and wellness.

It worked for me. It worked for my clients. And it can work for you. I’d love to help. If you’re looking to regain your energy. If you’re ready to feel healthier, look and feel good with the confidence to tackle anything that gets in your way.

Let’s hop on a call to see if we’re a match.