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and Erwin Regidor

Ditch the Dad Bod and feel like an athlete again while still enjoying beers and burgers with your buddies. Get out of pain and back in the game.

I’m Erwin Regidor and I’m a Health and Performance Coach. I know all about helping high achievers like you who sometimes feel a bit lost. You see, I’m a lot like you.

I was an athlete in high school and even won some bodybuilding competitions during college. But then I lost my way, got fat, and overdid things when I attempted a comeback. Sound familiar?

I eventually figured it out, with the help of a good coach. I did it and so can you.

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Inspire confidence and empowerment through purpose-built coaching.

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My Approach

Crafting individual training plans to mentor those who aspire to evolve through fitness, create impact in their lives, and be self-sufficient.


An empathetic two-way, trusting relationship.


A source of knowledge, advice, and friendship.


Personal confidence and undeniable ability to progress.


Continually learning and growing in a safe environment.

Health & Fitness

Our most authentic form of happiness.


Fostering emotions that drive ambition.

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